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Chippewa Valley Cremation Services offers full-service funeral and cremation services for your family and loved ones. In addition, we also offer funeral pre-planning, pre-funding funeral services. We also are the only funeral home in the region to offer pet cremation services. For details about funeral and cremation costs, please see our Pricing page.

Funeral and Cremation Pre-Planning Services

No one likes to think about death. In fact, many people in our families are reluctant to even speak of it. It doesn't take a fatalistic person to recognize the value in planning a funeral in advance. In fact, millions of people choose to pre-arrange their funeral every year. After all, funeral arrangements will be a consideration for us all at some point in time and there are advantages to making them in advance. When pre-arranging a funeral, no payment is required. This is a free service of Chippewa Valley Cremation Services.

Peace of mind has been cited among many as being the #1 reason for funeral pre-planning. By making known what you want before the time of death you will in turn be taking much of the guess work out funeral planning. Your family will find comfort in knowing they are doing what you wanted no matter how simple or ceremonial.

Since we all come from different financial situations, pre-planning and pre-funding ones own funeral can prove to be a great benefit. By pre-funding a funeral/cremation services, you are earmarking funds to be used specifically for your funeral/cremation services. By placing funds in an irrevocable funeral/burial trust or burial insurance policy, these monies are protected by Wisconsin State Statute 445.125. For people that choose to pre-fund their service with burial insurance, Chippewa Valley Cremation Services will guarantee our service price and merchandise selected at todays price. We realize pre-planning and pre-funding funeral services can be very confusing and even difficult to understand. We are here to help you through this, so call us today to get started.


Start Your Funeral Pre-Planning

We encourage you to call us anytime to set up and appointment either at our office or your own home. Whatever your choice, our goal is to help you create the celebration of life that you desire.

To help you get started, we have an online form that can be filled out and submitted to CV Cremation, you can download our form (Click here for a PDF) or you can request a form be sent to you by mail, through our contact form.


Eau Claire Funeral Pre-Planning Services
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